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I believe that it is by owning our differences that we will make the greatest difference and impact in the world and live meaningful and significant lives.

Lauren Jawno

My purpose and mission is to guide you in breaking through to a higher level of joy, success, energy, connection and influence in every area of your life by embracing your inner truth, defining and stepping into your life’s purpose and contributing to the world through your unique gifts and talents.

With over 15 years experience in education, nutrition, fitness, psychology and spirituality, my job is to get to the crux of issues quickly, ensuring you gain huge insights and change at all levels, in the shortest amount of time.

Are you ready to dive inward and shoot upward?

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  • It is not often that one comes across a dedicated, intelligent and empathetic professional with such an enlightened and strategic approach to gaining a level of excellence in well-being and healthy living.

    Tino Zentil, B.A., LL.B, Legal Counsel, D. Zentil Mechanical

  • When it comes to rock stars in wellness and life balance, Lauren would be a multiple Grammy winner and the leader of any band.

    Kevin Goodman, CEO - Chief Entertainment Officer, Front Row Center Inc., Music and Entertainment Marketing

  • Lauren, you have an incredible ability to captivate, and engage the audience from the first second to the last second. You’re genuineness and authenticity create a great place to have such inspiring conversation, and really that’s what your presentation feels like...a very engaging conversation. The material you cover is applicable to all, and left me feeling more knowledgeable and inspired to look at my life and goals. Thanks!

    Stephen Millman, Vice President, Sales, Juice Plus+ Canada

  • Lauren Jawno is a consummate professional with an outstanding natural ability to captivate an audience. I have worked with hundreds of trainers over the past twenty-five years, and I consider Lauren to be one of the best.

    Lee Wagman, President, Personality Resources International

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