5 Questions that will change the rest of your year!

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver.

As we head into the last quarter of this year what do you still want to achieve?   What goals and dreams did you start 2014 out with that still need to be fulfilled? What will you need to do over the next 4 months so that when you reflect back on 2014, it will have been a year of incredible growth, accomplishment, joy and satisfaction?

The reason I ask you this now is because so often I see a trend developing at this time of the year where people are already starting to wind down in the sense of writing the year off as opposed to going all out for a strong finish. It’s like they’re quitting a couple hundred yards from the finish line, like they’ve run out of drive and will. Comments I typically hear include: “I’ll start again in January, 2015 will be my year, next year will be different”…

Are these the type of thoughts that are going through your mind at the moment? I hope not. And if they are, let’s change that right now.

I’m going to challenge you to create a different outcome than this for yourself. I’m going to challenge you to make the absolute most of the next 4 months; to get crystal clear on what you truly want to achieve, to set your intentions high and give it all you’ve got. It’s definitely not too late! It’s never too late!

So what is it you still want to accomplish this year? Are you focused on improving your health, your fitness, your career, your finances, your happiness, your relationships, you connection with yourself?

Regardless of what it is, you need to able to answer these 5 questions with absolute clarity, certainty and commitment in order to keep moving forward.

So get out your journal/pen and paper/laptop/iPad/tablet – it doesn’t matter which but take the time to really contemplate your answers. Be rigorously honest and write away – with as much detail and emotion as possible and without being influenced by what you think others may expect of you.

  • What specifically do I want to still accomplish this year?
  • Why is this important to me now? (Dig deep on this one because your greatest commitments will be reflected by deepest desires).
  • What am I willing to give up right now to achieve this?
  • What do I need to do to do every day for the next 4 months to make this happen?
  • How will I feel when I look back over these 4 months, having accomplished this dream?

Now get to it – today. Figure out a plan, get the support you need and put it into action. You’ve got this!

This is the level of clarity and commitment you will need if the last quarter of 2014 is going to matter.

Are you in?

The next 4 months are going to fly by regardless of your actions and I know 2015 will look so much more exciting if you end 2014 on a high note, with momentum and positive action.

So let’s make this happen together! Be bold and share where you are headed in the comments section below. Share your dreams and what actions you are going to immediately and CONSISTENTLY start taking to be able write a different ending to 2014.

Share the challenges you anticipate along the way so that I can do all I can to support you with relevant content, tips and strategies to help you as you push hard to make 2014 matter.

Let’s make your dreams happen, starting now.

Until next week – embrace your inner truth, live your purpose and make your contribution in the world today.

With gratitude and appreciation,

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