5 Success principles evidenced in one weekend!


I’ve just come back from a 3-day conference where 5 things that I consistently talk to my clients about and coach them on were vividly apparent in real life. It was so interesting to be able to witness these aspects of success played out so vividly and clearly and to notice the impact they have on the results people create.

So in no particular order I’m sharing them below in the hope that you will take the time to consider where you stand in these areas and then take the necessary intentional action to make the changes you know you need to make!

  1. Take responsibility for your life and the choices you make! We’ve all had hardships, losses and challenges in our life and for sure, for some people they have been significantly more tragic and devastating. However at some point you need to work through it, deal with it and decide not to let it continue to impact your future. Only YOU can do this! Only YOU can make this choice.

    What aspect of your past is still controlling your future? How can you put it behind you so that you can move forward towards what you most want in your life? What action will you take to create a different experience for yourself?

  1. Change the way you think! The thinking that got you to where you are will not necessarily get you to where you want to go! If you are not open to new perspectives, new information and different possibilities then you are absolutely limiting your potential of getting where you want to be.

    Where are you stuck in your thinking? Where are you not open to other possibilities? Where are you being so rigid in your thinking that you cannot see or consider other solutions? What will it take for you to be more open-minded?

  1. Look at who you spend the most time with. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Their attitudes, ambitions, habits and perspectives are greatly influencing you whether you realize it or not and you are definitely more like them than you may care to admit. So if you are not happy with you are at in life, you may want to start changing who you spend most of your time with.

    So look at who you are spending most your time with and are they living the      type of life you want to live? Are they aspiring to similar levels of success? If    not, then you need to change your inner circle. You need to seek out people who have created in their life what you want or who at the very least have the mindset to get there and are taking the action to get to there.

  1. Do things differently! If you want something different you have to do something different. We all know this! Ye so many people keep doing the same thing year in and year out and then seem absolutely surprised at why things in their life don’t change. If you want to reach a higher level of success in your life, whatever that may be for you, you need to do something different. It will require changes, it may feel scary and uncomfortable but that is where the magic will happen. And most likely, it will not be nearly as challenging or difficult as you think.

    So where are you staying stuck in your comfort zone? What is that next step you need to take to create a different result? What is the cost of not taking that next step? If you honestly think about it, the cost of not moving forward is mostly likely far greater than the perceived “pain” of moving forward. So which will you choose?

  1. Develop your level of self-awareness and intuition! You know what you most need and what will serve you best, regardless of what others are saying or doing. There is no one size fits all in life. Following the masses, regardless of research or any other metrics when you know intuitively it’s not the right path for you will never work. You know yourself better than anyone else. Deep down you know what you need and may often not be the easy or popular path but you can be assured, if you are listening to your intuition, it will be the right one.

    Where are you following others or doing things that you just know are not right for you? Where are you feeling pressured to follow everyone else? What do you need to be true to yourself? Where are you waiting for permission from someone else when really only you can give it to yourself? What will it take for you to follow your truth?

I urge and challenge you to be an independent thinker, to think outside the box, to do what you know within you will serve you bet, to believe that you will have the strength to stand up to those who try convince you otherwise and in the long term you will win and enjoy the life you’ve always wanted!

Until next week – embrace your inner truth, live your purpose and make your contribution in the world.

With gratitude and appreciation,

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