About Lauren

Truth Purpose Contribution

Hi there. I’m Lauren. Although we’ve never met, and may be from different parts of the world, leading different lives, I believe we share some things in common. We’ve all endured struggles and challenges in our lives and we all want to live our best possible life.

But far too many people are resisting living a life where they embrace what makes them unique and different and they are not pursuing their most important dreams. They are not living their inner truth. As result, they feel as if their lives are not as meaningful, fulfilling and deeply happy as they could be.

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The solution? We need to embrace what makes us different to make the greatest difference  – both in our own lives and in the lives of everyone we encounter.

We are all unique beings. We all have a unique journey to travel and a significant role to play as we fulfill our purpose during our time on this earth.

It is not the job or title or marital status or income or house or car that you have that defines who you are! Instead it’s aligning with your purpose and having the courage every day to humbly live your truth as best you can and as the greatest expression of every part of your unique self – without editing out the parts you worry others won’t deem as acceptable.

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I believe when we embrace our inner truth and authenticity, knowing who we truly are at a soul level, when we understand our role and purpose in life and are willing to pursue it wholeheartedly – that’s when we make our most significant contributions. When inspired to live from this place in the best way we can,  then even the seemingly little things that we do have the potential to bring us a sense of  fulfillment and positively impact those around us. Each and every one of us has it within us to inspire others and set into motion the possibility for a happier, kinder and more loving world.

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I used to be a people pleaser…now I’m a soul pleaser

For many years I didn’t think about the real meaning of living with truth, purpose and contribution. I was too busy comparing myself to others and seeking approval and perfection. My confidence and self-worth were impacted and I was unsure of my purpose in this world.

From the outside my life appeared to be easy and blessed, and it was. However, growing up in a small South African town, I also did everything I could to create what I believed was a “perfect life”.  I was a good kid. I never caused any trouble. I did well at school. I had good friends. I was an ace tennis player.

Yet despite creating a seemingly “perfect life” on the outside, for so long I felt that something was missing within me. I put a lot of stress on myself to be perfect, to fit in, to be of value. I prioritized appearing infallible. However, deep inside myself I was not happy or fulfilled. I felt boxed in and suffocated by the pressure to fit in and be like everyone else.

By 18, I wound up manifesting my inner emptiness physically. I became obsessed with dieting and exercise as a distraction from what I was feeling and entered into a long and frustrating battle with an eating disorder.

My most intense pain became my greatest teacher

Ultimately I came to realize that if I wanted to be truly happy and live a meaningful life, one that I would be proud of and if I wanted to  help others do the same, which I did, I needed to first treat my deeper, inner struggles.  So in my quest to heal myself and live my truth, I left no stone unturned. I went back to school. I had already received degrees and diplomas in education, fitness and nutrition. But to go to my next level, I knew I needed to study psychology and I chose to study Cognitive Behavior Therapy because I had experienced how impactful it was. And this was time well invested as not only did it help me to succeed over the long term, but  it also enabled me to be a more effective coach as I helped others.

But, although I spent nearly 20 years studying in depth a wide range of topics from psychology to physiology, coaching and even spirituality, my most significant, life-changing epiphany came from my most heart-breaking experience: the loss of my mom to cancer. It was through this painful loss that I fully realized my purpose and  what it meant to live a truly authentic life and how important this would now be to me. I saw first-hand the widespread impact it had and the powerful legacy it could leave.

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The result? My head, body, and heart all came to the same exact conclusion! I now fully believe – in every part of my being – that the sooner we find it in ourselves to connect with and embrace our inner truth and authentic self – who we are at a soul level – the sooner we understand our unique purpose in life and recognize how we can make our contribution to this world at the highest level possible – the sooner we will feel true happiness and fulfillment.

And this was when I became certain that coaching was what fully aligned with by truth, my purpose and how I wanted to contribute to the world. In 2014 I became a Certified High Performance Coach™ and I’ve never looked back. This is what catapulted my career and my effectiveness and success as a coach. Not only am I one of an elite group of less than 1,000 Certified High Performance Coaches in the world, I’ve also built a significant private coaching and mentoring practice, and I’m also privileged to be the Director of Coaching for one of the most recognized, influential and successful  personal development leaders and companies in the world, where I lead a powerful group of over 50 coaches.

Finding and living my truth allowed me to put an end to a 20-year eating disorder, overcome a divorce, build a thriving business and career and begin loving my life and myself. And the most fulfilling part of all of this is that I’ve helped thousands of people and coaches live the life they’ve been dreaming about too.

That inner void you might feel can never be filled by anything outside you. Not food. Not money. Not relationships. It has to get filled by doing the hard inner work so many shy away from.

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Through my journey inward and upward, I’ve learned to live by some powerful and significant guiding principles — principles which may help empower you to find your inner truth, purpose and contribution to this world — like always listening to and trusting your own inner authority, mastering and managing your mindset, taking responsibility for your life and the choices you make, always being kind, aiming high and with intention, owning your greatness as well as your mistakes, and being disciplined about your habits and inspiring and helping others to do the same.

My mission

Today, it is my mission to offer you the tools, strategies, inspiration, support and coaching you need to connect to your inner truth and embrace it with love and confidence; to help you find and live in alignment with your unique purpose – so that what makes you different enables you to make your difference and contribution in our world; and to challenge you – so you are consistently living and performing at your best and to your highest potential – and then celebrating as you reap and enjoying the rewards.

I believe that if you ‘re willing to do the deep inner work so that you can embrace what makes you different you will make the greatest difference in this world. I believe that if you live from an authentic place of inner truth, purpose and contribution that you will not only improve your life and have no regrets – you will serve and inspire generations to come – by leaving your one-of-a-kind unmistakable mark on this world.

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