If you want to be successful in life, you need to also be successful in your nutritional choices. If you choose foods which bring down your energy or flare up your emotions or body, you will not be operating from a place of power – but a place of disempowerment. Your eating patterns are very much a reflection on your inner world.

The good news: My book Change4Good: The Ten Essentials for Food, Fitness and The Good Life will provide you with options and strategies, putting you in control of your nutritional choices – so that food no longer controls you or your life. My book is a realistic step-by-step guide, which offers an understandable, holistic approach to nutrition and overall wellness. My 10 core principles are simple strategies, which can help anyone avoid common pitfalls and overcome personal barriers. I share the top research-based and results-proven essential nutritional habits you need to live as your highest potential self.

I am a living example that the information and inspiration in my book works. I’ve endured my share of struggles around food and nutrition. For nearly two decades I battled with an eating disorder – which included extreme fad dieting, over-exercising plus over-doing diet pills and laxatives.

Thankfully instead of giving up I became determined to rise up –wiser, stronger, healthier. I started reading every book I could lay my hands on – about eating disorders, perfectionism, personal growth, spirituality, health, nutrition and fitness.

I have an incredibly comprehensive 15-year academic background in education, nutrition, fitness, psychology and spirituality – so I really attack things at all levels.

I became determined to live a life tapped into my truest self – fulfilling my purpose – and making a contribution to the world.

This book shares much of the information and inspiration, which changed my life.

Inside you’ll find principles and tools to keep your eating on track – no matter how busy your life might be – or whether you’re an athlete, a professional, entrepreneur or parent. The tools I provide help you identify quickly and easily where you can make nutritional changes to optimize your performance and success. I not only explore what you’re eating – but why and how you’re eating. I drill down deep below the surface of what’s on your plate – to consider what’s on your mind. I start by helping you to become highly mindful of your eating triggers by taking a personal inventory of where you are in your life. Next, I give you relatable research, do-able tools and inspiring motivation to empower you to truly change.

I created this book to be your portable, go-to guide – to manage not just your weight, but your overall wellness and emotional states. The strategies I share are a road map for those who are ready to live a healthy, balanced life – as well as a meaningful, fulfilling life.

I loved the process of writing this book. I wrote it as if I was writing to a friend – with a loving, understanding voice – because I truly do understand how challenging eating in a self-loving, self-energizing can be!

I write about the topics of nutrition, wellness, spirituality and high performance often – because they are near and dear to my heart. You can also find my writing in iRun Magazine, More Magazine, Parent’s Canada, Today’s Bride, and Zoomer Magazine.

Do you want to find out more about Change4Goood: The 10 Essentials for Food, Fitness and the Good Life?

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  • Change4Good is so simple - anyone can do this! Lauren has put together everything you need to succeed in a well written, well organized tool. Forget the gimmicks, the expensive diets and so-called miraculous weight loss drugs - they don't work. I've tried many of them too. Change4Good works because it's flexible and you can tailor it to your preferences. I've trained with Lauren for several years - applying these principles in my life has helped me manage a rigorous schedule, career transitions and bounce back quickly from two difficult pregnancies. Change4Good will help you get healthy and stay healthy.

    Dr. Leah Watson, MD, FRCPC, Emergency Physician, University Health Network and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

  • Lauren has told her authentic story, sharing her educational expertise and personal experiences to provide a practical fitness, nutrition, and ‘way of thinking’ road map for those who want to live a healthy, balanced life. Her 10 core principles are easy strategies that can help anyone avoid the pitfalls and overcome the barriers that so often disrupt the essential habits required for living well. Based on changes in attitude, behaviour and lifestyle, Lauren’s Change4Good program offers simple and flexible advice for anyone looking to control their weight and achieve long lasting success.

    Dr. Scott D. Howitt, BA, MSC, DC, FRCCSS(C), FCCRS(C), Sports and Rehabilitation Specialist Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Director of Sports Performance Centres Ltd.

  • Lauren Jawno has been my personal trainer for the past seven years, and has trained my husband and two sons as well. In addition to training, she provides nutritional advice when needed and has also helped us through various running and other sports injuries. Her book is full of great advice for those not fortunate enough to have her as a trainer.

    Karen Boehlert

  • I love your book! I love that you talk about yourself throughout the book. I feel like you totally relate to the reader since you have been there and been through the same things. I also love how real you are in the book. Awesome job! Great book! Highly recommend it!

    Michelle Reichart

  • Canadian Marathon Champion, National Team Member, Top ranked Masters Runner “I think Change4Good is a terrific book filled with useful health information, helpful tools and practical tips sprinkled with stories and quotes. I am inspired to practice it and integrate it into my life. Thank you Lauren!

    Lisa Ohata

  • To stay competitive over my 25 year career as one of Canada's top track and field athletes, I have worked with many experts in sports nutrition and physiology. Lauren’s Change4Good principles have given me additional tools to not only keep my eating on track in my busy life as an athlete, a professional and a mother but to also help me identify where I can make changes to optimize my performance and success.

    Tania Jones

  • This is quite simply the best book about food and nutrition that I’ve read. It takes you out of the mindset of quick fixes or denying yourself pleasure and puts you on track to understanding your relationship with food, grasping the concepts you need to make good food choices and live a healthier, happier life. Finally there’s someone who gets it.

    From the Foreword by Mark Sutcliffe, Founder of iRun Magazine and the Author of Why I Run: The Remarkable Journey of the Ordinary Runner

  • Change4Good is a delight to read from cover to cover. It's a balanced approach to health and fitness. Lauren provides structures to help people take control of their lives. She's mobilized a lot of practical wisdom and made it fun to digest.

    Jeffrey Stutz

  • This is an amazing book that I've recommended to all my friends and colleagues. It has helped me understand what kind of food my body needs and why. It's the easiest and most comprehensive plan I've ever been on and I feel amazing. Thank you for changing my life!

    Erin Dym, Associate Editor, Parents’ Canada

  • I have genuine respect for Lauren Jawno’s knowledge and many years of experience. In Change4Good Lauren has put together information that is simple, easy to implement and flexible. The extent of information is powerful yet easy to understand and relate to with the use of practical examples. If you are ready to get real about your health and life balance then you have found the ultimate solution in Change4Good by Lauren Jawno!

    Vera Bond, BA in Kinesiology, ACE, NASM, Founder and Director of Inspired Energy International, Former Reebok Master Trainer