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Meet Your Inner Leader

One-on-One Coaching To Help You Identify Your One-of-A-Kind Power Source

It’s been said that in life a lot of success depends on whom you know. I agree – but I have a surprise twist to add to that philosophy.

To live a high performance life one of the most important people you need to know is YOUR TRUE INNER LEADER. You need to understand, know and connect with your core self – your soul – your true power source inside of you – which is unique to you and only you!

You need to know who you truly are – deep inside – if you want to become your most powerful, most happy, most fulfilled self.

I can help to introduce you to your inner leader in this 6-week one-on-one coaching program.

Meet Your Inner Leader is an innovative and highly interactive coaching program that introduces you to new ways of thinking about yourself, your habits, your health and your life based on your core and genetically determined personality profile.

Learn the science of you

This one-on-one coaching program is rooted in science – which truly excites me as a behavior change expert! I’ll be bringing you research-proven tools to help you to identify what drives your behaviors – and understand how you can best leverage various aspects of your life including career, finances, relationships, communication, health, intuition, decision-making, and confidence.

This coaching process is so effective that its “Four Ways SystemTM” is actually a patented process! Consistently, individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations around the world who have used this system have experienced an extreme competitive edge in both business and life — they’ve experienced the high performance effect.

What you can expect

When you are done with this 6 – week coaching program…

  1. You will find yourself tapped into the courage to confidently live the life you want – because you’re tapped into the truth of who you are – not distracted by trying to fit into someone else’s box.
  2. You will understand and appreciate what makes you different – so you can enjoy a more meaningful, healthy and intentional life – full of purpose and contribution.
  3. You will connect more deeply with the people around you – both professionally and personally.
  4. You will not only take yourself to the next level – you will have the potential to also take your business/organization to the next level – because you will be connected to your true power source: your inner leader!

You will be tapped into the foundation of high performance living – clarity and self-awareness!

Not quite ready to jump into a 6-week program?

No problem. Book a 2-hour assessment and get acquainted with your Inner Leader. In this session you will discover your primary way and your key personality drivers to ensure you start living a high performance life, accomplishing more than you imagined – emotionally, physically and practically.

Do you have any questions about this dynamic and innovative approach to high performance and wellness management? Are you excited and ready to meet your inner leader?

Either way, fill out the form below and you’ll receive a response from me within 48 hours.

I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your journey to success!

  • Lauren your personalized approach and attention to detail, commitment and passion coupled with your integrity and honesty have proven to me, over and over that you genuinely care for my success. Thank you so much for “getting me" and helping “me get me”.

    Jo Zappone

  • Lauren, I couldn't have done it without you. I admire you so much, you inspired me to be the best that I can be and I'm really working on that. I always remember you saying that you need to talk to yourself to remind yourself about who you are, where your actions are taking you and why. Things are getting so much better.

    Lisa Oppedisano

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