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Coaching to help you transform your body into a high performance machine!

Do your energy levels drop as the day unfolds? Would you love to have more consistent energy to do all the awesome things that make you happiest? Is your productivity and focus affected by your inconsistent energy? Are you frustrated with your body shape and composition?

If so, I’m excited to give you the tools you need to change this! Inner Change, Outer Results is all about achieving consistent, sustained high mental and physical energy – all day, every day! And I’m not talking about giving you some diet gimmick, or calorie counting formula. I’m talking about giving you a new way of thinking about food, life and yourself. I’m talking about giving you high performance tips, strategies, philosophies and guidance that you can absorb easily into your daily lifestyle.

A simple, enjoyable, effective way to feel great and perform at your best

Inner Change, Outer Results is a program based on the principles and framework of my book Change4Good: The 10 Essentials for Food, Fitness and the Good Life.

  • Grounded in the latest scientific research
  • Controlled by you
  • Flexible, simple, and best of all, definitely not torture

It doesn’t matter if you want to release some weight, gain some muscle or supercharge your energy! Inner Change, Outer Results will help you to accomplish this – while you eat delicious, life-building, brain-powering, real food. Plus, it will give you a do-able, realistic plan for enjoying your favorite indulgent treats in moderation.

If you’re going to be inspired to perform better and replace old bad habits, you need to be inspired to embrace a combination of consistency and steely determination. After all, old bad habits are hard to relinquish. You adopted them, at least initially, because they gave you pleasure; they served a purpose. That’s why my program is holistic. I take into account the fact that change isn’t just physical. It requires cooperation from the mind, the heart and the soul; even your DNA.

High performance is not a solo journey

I also know that this is hard to do alone – all high performers have a team of supporters, coaches and mentors. Challenges and obstacles are constantly coming up and often times those closest to us, for many reasons are not our best source of support. That is why Inner Change, Outer Results is set up as a 3-month coaching program. Besides your live weekly coaching calls with myself, you will also have access to a private community and forum of like-minded people where you can connect, share ideas, keep each other accountable and support each other’s journeys.

True change happens from the inside out

Inner Change, Outer Results works because I make sure that you’re not just looking at what you put into your mouth. You’re also looking at what you put into your mind and your life! I incorporate a range of my various passions and degrees. I merge all that I’ve learned over the past 15 years as a wellness expert and coach – from what I know as a certified personal trainer, certified holistic nutritionist, Master Personality Assessment Facilitator, my Cognitive Behavior Therapy training and my expertise as an elite International Certified High Performance CoachTM.

The result is incredibly powerful! The result is high performance!

A proven formula for success

This program has already successfully helped hundreds of doctors, lawyers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, dancers, athletes, brides-to-be, teenagers, moms and dads. Some of my athletic clients include: Canada’s world champion ballroom dancing team, age-ranked gymnasts, nationally ranked swimmers, marathon runners, plus entire hockey and soccer teams.

In the corporate world, I’ve worked at American Express, AstraZeneca, Blackberry Canada, Bank of Montreal, Certified Management Accounts of Ontario, Great-West Life, IBM-UK, Royal Bank of Canada, Mercedes-Benz, National Initiative of Eating Disorders, Stanley Black & Decker, YMCA to name just a few.

The 10 Guiding Principles of Inner Change, Outer Results are:

  • Cleanse you Mind; Live Purposefully
  • Set Goals; Keep a Journal
  • Identify Barriers; Surmount Them
  • Eat Well: Lean Protein, Natural Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats at Each Meal
  • Eat Often: Four – Six Nutrient-Dense Meals/Snacks Each Day
  • Read: Those Tricky Food Labels
  • Manage: Food and Beverage Portions
  • Practice: Moderation; Follow the 90/10 Rule
  • Drink: One – Two Litres of Water Every Day (minimum)
  • Move: Exercise at Least Thirty – Sixty Minutes Each Day

I believe you have within you what you need to create lasting inner change which leads to lasting outer results.

Are you ready to break through your barriers and develop ongoing daily nutritional and fitness habits that become a natural part of your lifestyle?

Are you ready to create the inner change which leads to outer results?

If so, complete the form below to find out details of availability into this program as I only take a limited number of clients into this program per quarter. As a result I cannot guarantee immediate access into this program.

I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your journey to success!

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