High Performance Success

Stop Settling, Start Excelling!

Are you ready to get MORE out of your life?

  • More clarity about who you are, your dreams and aspirations
  • More energy, that you can sustain all day long
  • More courage to take a stand for what you want
  • More influence and effective communication skills
  • More productivity – getting more done in less time
  • More discipline to take charge of your life
  • More fun, joy and passion

To get more, you need to activate your full potential. You need to hit a higher gear and become a high performer at whatever you do. You have to be more focused, energized, and self-aware.

But it’s not easy and most people are struggling more than they have to in these areas.

Even though we all have big goals and dreams, most people today are drowning in stress, overwhelm, anxiety and uncertainty.

The sad thing is that if you don’t figure out how to turn it around, you’ll most likely fail to accomplish your dreams and live the life you truly want.

So think about your life.

Are you frustrated with your lack of energy and the seemingly impossible quest to achieve a healthy body by using “one-size fits all” tools and philosophies?
Are you tired of feeling inadequate or irritated with your less than positive thoughts around your life?
Are you worn out by never completing projects and having a to do list that only gets longer?
Are you feeling like you’ve been following the advice of the best experts, yet you still aren’t getting results?
Are you wanting to feel more deeply connected to others and feel like your life is significant – that you’re contributing to your world in some meaningful way!
Are you starting to think that maybe this is as good as it gets – and/or – maybe you don’t deserve more?
Are you already successful but tired of being stuck at the same level for far too long and struggling to break through to the next level of joy and achievement?

If you relate to any of this then you will love and benefit from my High Performance Success Program – Stop Settling, Start Excelling!

The goal: to ensure you consistently excel and succeed above your current levels of performance in all areas of your life, as your unique self, over the long term and thereby impact not only your life but the lives of everyone around you.

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In this program I will teach you the same “inner power” tools which have transformed the lives of thousands of people world-wide (from Olympic athletes to the most successful business icons and celebrities) as well as all my many clients who I’ve coached to achieve their highest levels of self – and thereby their highest levels of joy, success and fulfillment!

In Stop Settling, Start Excelling! I focus on teaching you the 6 proven pillars of high performance – which together help you to master your psychology, physiology, productivity, persuasion, presence and purpose.

These 6 high performance pillars will not only change your life in the long term – but short term. Immediately you will completely change how you feel, manage your day and influence others. You will gain greater clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence.

The most accomplished and influential people in the world have successfully used these 6 high performance pillars. They’ve used these same principles to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others and keep their passions and purpose clear and alive.

The reality: If you are NOT following these 6 high performance pillars I teach in Stop Settling, Start Excelling!, then it is almost impossible to get ahead!

High Performance Achievement Tools Included!

When you sign up for my High Performance Coaching Program, you’ll automatically get access to ONE of my exclusive High Performance Achievement Tools — specifically chosen to put you in the driver’s seat of your life and help you more easily access your unique and greatest potential.

Click here to find out more about these scientific tools and how they can catapult your journey to personal mastery!

Through this program and with my support you see the gift of embracing your authentic self, your individualistic feelings, thoughts, ideas, values and morals. You will recognize that everything you’ve been searching for “out there” is already within you. You will finally achieve the outer success you desire – by getting off the roller-coaster you’ve been on and by first going inward so that you can ultimately find the lasting happiness, success and peace you’re seeking. So that you can live a life of truth, purpose and contribution.

But action needs to be taken. You can read all the books in the world, take every course there is out there – but if you don’t take intentional action nothing will change.

Now is your time to take action.


Stop Settling, Start Excelling! Now!

Are you ready for rapid and sustained advancement in your personal and/or professional life?

If so, I’d be honored to work with you one-on-one to break through your barriers and help you to consistently reach your highest potential and highest performance in all you do – whether it’s interacting with your kids, your significant other or influencing your team of colleagues.

To get started all you need to do is complete the Strategy Session application form below and submit it to me.

Once I review your information I will schedule a FREE 45-minute one-on-one strategy session with you. Yes, I will help you for FREE on this one.

I believe we all have it within us to be happy, successful, acknowledged and respected. And we all deserve all of these things. Unfortunately all too often we can get in our own way. This is why we need someone to support and guide us – someone whom we can trust has our back.

I’d love to be this coach for you! I’d love to help you to tap into your power source: what makes YOU different. And I’d love to support you in embracing what makes you different so you make a difference in your world.

I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your journey to success!

Download and complete the Strategy Session application form below. Once you have completed the questionnaire, save it and email it to me directly at

Please answer the questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible. This information will be the basis for your FREE coaching call and will also help determine if this program is a match for you.

Regardless of whether we continue to work together or not, I guarantee that your Strategy Session will be of incredible value to you.

Please note that due to the fact that I only work with a limited number of private clients at any one time I cannot guarantee immediate availability should you be a fit for the program.

  • Lauren is AWESOME! Lauren is very passionate about her work. She strives daily to provide not only her clients, but all those around her, with EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. It is a true gift she has making people feel relaxed, connected and important. Whether you are working with her or just in a conversation, the energy and passion just flows and you truly know and feel, that to her... YOU MATTER! IF your life is out of harmony allow the experience and mastery of Lauren Jawno to help find that balance again, find YOU again, and help you to LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE filled with success, joy and GRATITUDE...

    Bryan Kiser, World’s Greatest Connector and Front Man at Growth Coaching Systems Network

  • As a professional entrepreneur for over 20 years, I believe it's my responsibility to advance my skillsets, better understand myself through my own unique ways. This is where Lauren comes into the picture. Her Executive Coaching program has allowed me to better crystallize what I enjoy most about my career, refocus myself and stay focused on the objectives while positively influencing my team so we all win. Thank you Lauren.

    Glenn Fabello, B.A.Econ, CFP Senior Partner, Pelorus Financial Group

  • I had the pleasure of working with Lauren as a Coach.  After my first session, I was impressed by how she was able to dig deep into my professional career and personal lifestyle, review and discuss my challenges and provide practical and realistic advice in such a short period of time.  She also helped me recognize my strengths, highlighted my victories and opened my eyes to see what I thought were failures as a  true blessing in disguise! But what I found most impressive about Lauren's program and her style of coaching is that she is truly a genuine person who loves and is passionate about what she does!  - Donna Foster-Laroque

    Donna Foster-Laroque – Personal Training Specialist/Run and Powerwalking Coach/Nutrition Wellness Certified

  • Lauren’s High Performance Coaching program is absolutely transformational. She helped me achieve the life and business breakthrough that I was seeking. Through her insightful guidance, I found the clarity, physiology and psychological mastery I needed to design, influence and accelerate my achievements beyond my revised goals! If you are ready to truly change your life, Lauren is the only coach you’ll need.

    Sandra Stewart, C.C.S, High Road Planning

  • Energy and aliveness await you with Lauren Jawno's coaching. She has an absolutely amazing background that she draws on to bring insights and breakthroughs to your life. She has touched me powerfully in our sessions and has moved me toward greatness. Bold transformation, amazing spirit and powerful insights. Thank you Lauren for your light.

    Carl Loop, Breakthrough Leader at, Speaker, Coach, Consultant.

  • It is not often that one comes across a dedicated, intelligent and empathetic professional with such an enlightened and strategic approach to gaining a level of excellence in well-being and healthy living.

    Tino Zentil, B.A., LL.B, Legal Counsel, D. Zentil Mechanical

  • When it comes to rock stars in wellness and life balance, Lauren would be a multiple Grammy winner and the leader of any band.

    Kevin Goodman, CEO - Chief Entertainment Officer, Front Row Center Inc., Music and Entertainment Marketing