Discover 4 mathematical operations that can improve your life!

At some point during your school years did you ever say to yourself, a parent, a teacher or a friend – “I hate math and I’m never going to use it anyhow?” I know I did many times. Math has never been my strength!

So I thought it was time to make math useful and applicable to our lives so here are 4 simple mathematical operations you can use that will help create some positive shifts in your life. And the good news is – you won’t need a calculator and I’m even going to give you options for your answers.

Are you ready to get started?

Read, reflect on and then answer the following four questions.

Mathematical Operation 1: What do you need to ADD to your life so that you feel happier?

Some tips: Think about your day or your week. Are you constantly doing things for other people, putting everyone else’s needs before your own? Is it time to put yourself at the top of the list again; is it time to bring some joy into your life? What would that look like for you? What can you ADD to your day or your week that would make you happier? Maybe it’s having a date night with some girlfriends, taking up a new hobby, joining a yoga class, starting a book club, creating time to read or journal or meditate every day, maybe it’s trying new recipes if you enjoy cooking or starting to eat healthier more nutritious foods. Do you need to ADD more the quality sleep and exercise into your life? Both will impact every area of your health and happiness. Maybe you need to slow down and be more present in the moments in your day so you can appreciate and enjoy them. Take the time to think back to the things you loved to do; that contributed to your happiness and joy in the past and then regularly begin ADDING more of those things into your life!

Mathematical Operation 2: What do you need to SUBTRACT from your life so that you’re less anxious and stressed?

Some tips: Physical and emotional clutter definitely create stress and anxiety. What are you holding onto that would serve you to let go of? This could be material items or emotional “stuff” that you are carrying around. Are you constantly multi-tasking? Not only does this increase your stress levels but it also makes you less productive – so overall you are actually getting less done. Do you need to slow down and start becoming more engaged and focused on what you are doing? Try it! I have no doubt you will feel the difference. Think about what is distracting you in life – it could be people, TV, social media… Consider that these distractions are possibly limiting your ability to ADD the things into your life that would make you happier. Do you need to graciously and with kindness SUBTRACT some people from your life – the one’s who drain you, do not support you, do not have the same values as you etc. – it may be time to distance yourself and your access to these people. Do you need to SUBTRACT processed, high sugar foods from your diet? Poor nutrition not only affects your mood and stress levels but also your energy which will make it more difficult to make the effort to ADD the things that will bring you more joy into your life. Get honest with yourself and figure out what you need to SUBTRACT from your life and then begin doing it one step at a time.

Mathematical Operation 3: What do you need to DIVIDE in your life to create more time for yourself?

Some tips: The first thing that comes to mind here is responsibility. Are you taking on too much, trying to do too yourself? I’m a firm believer in DIVIDE and conquer. Delegate what you cannot do, don’t need to do or would prefer not to do. Some tips on delegating to best ensure a favorable outcome – be extremely explicit in what needs to get done, how it needs to be done, when it needs to be done by etc. This applies whether you are delegating chores at home or projects at work – the more clear and detailed you are the less room there is for disappointment and misinterpretation of expectations. DIVIDE your possessions? This ties back to the issue of clutter mentioned earlier but warrants repeating. Go through your home and look at what you have that you never use or don’t need and then DIVIDE it amongst different organizations and charities – a win-win for all involved. Get started and make a list of what you need to DIVIDE in your life?

Mathematical Operation 4: What do you need to MULTIPLY in your life to help you gain more courage and confidence to follow your dreams?

Some tips: MULTIPLY the number of quality people in your life, the one’s who inspire you to be better, to aim higher and that will be there to support you when things get tough. MULTIPLY your competency and knowledge in areas that are important to you by multiplying the number of books you read or courses you take. MULTIPLY the time you invest in your personal development– whether it’s through personal development seminars, working with a coach, books you read or online courses you enroll in. MULTIPLY the amount of action you are taking every day to move closer to your dreams. Together all of these will help improve your confidence and courage. What is the first thing you will MULTIPLY in your life?

Now do the “math” and find your solution. There are many ways to get to your right answer. Then once you have your answers create a strategy and make a commitment to consistently apply your answers within your daily life and see how your “grades” will jump higher and higher.

I’d love to see your solutions of what you are adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying in your life so please share them in the comments section below.

Until next week – embrace your inner truth, live your purpose and make your contribution in the world.

With gratitude and appreciation,

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