Attention Media Professionals

Are you a media professional looking for new and impactful stories or interviews for radio, TV, magazines, blogs or podcasts?

I would love to help make your job easier by providing you with some content ideas and valuable perspectives on how your audience can excel in life in this challenging and changing world we find ourselves in.

I’m an elite Certified High Performance Coach with a thriving private coaching and mentoring practice.
I am currently also the Director of Coaching for one of the most recognized, influential and successful personal development leaders and companies in the world, where I lead a powerful group of over 50 coaches doing over 500 sessions every week in over 70 countries.
I am also a frequent expert guest on television, radio, webinars and podcasts and I’ve had the privilege to share the stage at live events with icons like Les Brown, Trent Shelton, Tony Horton, Dean Graziosi and Brendon Burchard.

The topics and areas I’m confident to be able to effect interest and change for your audience includes:

  • The must have pillars of living a high performance life in all areas of your life, even in this challenging world.
  • Add an hour to your day, everyday.
  • Know the difference between being effective versus efficient and which you should focus on.
  • Ensure your path is leading you to where you actually want to be.
  • Kick start and sustain your energy all day – no calories required.
  • Increase your level of influence with 3 simple strategies.
  • Master the missing step to managing your mindset and creating affirmations that result in change.
  • Build confidence and courage by understanding the 3 things you most fear.
  • Improve your influence with 3 strategies you can apply immediately.
  • Live a purposeful life with no regrets.

A bit more about me:

  • 1 of only 1000 Certified High Performance Coaches worldwide.
  • Elite client list.
  • Mentor for coaches.
  • 2 decade background in education, wellness, psychology and performance.
  • Author of Change4Good: The Ten Essentials for Food, Fitness and the Good Life.
  • Featured in numerous national publications such as iRun, More Magazine, Today’s Bride, Parents’ Canada and Zoomer Magazine and an official contributor to One Wise Life, an online magazine with an audience of over 350,00 focused on personal development and living a life of happiness, success and fulfillment,
If you are interested in educating and inspiring your audiences on how to create consistent happiness and success in their lives, and how they can achieve a higher level of performance in all they do even in these challenging times I would be happy to collaborate with you.

The best way to reach me is via email at — I know your business moves at breakneck speed so rest assured I will get back to you very quickly!

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