I’m ok with my number! Are you?

Tomorrow’s my birthday. I typically keep this very low key, especially as the numbers have been creeping up but probably for the first time this decade the number does not bother me at all!

I’ve spent many hours reflecting on why 47 is so much less scary for me than 40 was and thought I’d share what I’ve realized about getting older. I hope this helps you see the bright side of the ‘other side’ and embrace and love your number too!

In no particular order this is what I appreciate and love about being a year older:

  1. With each additional year I’ve gained greater wisdom, experience, curiosity, depth and breadth to who I am and what I want to achieve, confidence, courage and a sense of greater fulfillment and peace that is priceless and worth every year that’s had to come before this one.
  2. I understand the value of all the challenges and struggles I’ve been through, all my scrapes and bruises. They’ve all contributed to the person I am today – happier for sure and definitely incredibly fulfilled.
  3. I have more respect for the journey than the destination as I see how I’m finally getting to know and love my authentic self and have more understanding and patience when my inauthentic self shows up.
  4. I ‘m less tolerant of sweating the small stuff and things that take away from my overall sense of well-being.
  5. I see beauty in things I never really noticed before and it’s so refreshing!
  6. I’m more easily able to let go of and forgive people and situations that in my past would have kept in stuck in a cycle of resentment, pain and heartache. And I also find myself remembering more of the good about the people that are no longer in my life and appreciating them for the seasons they were there.
  7. At the same time I appreciate so much more the people who are in my life, especially those that have been here a long time – who have accepted me through my ups and downs always believing and knowing that the essence of who I am is good and kind.
  8. I have a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for all I have and don’t have in my life, taking nothing for granted.
  9. I have guiltless boundaries in place and no longer say yes when I mean no. I make decisions based on what is right for me emotionally, mentally and spiritually and not based on what I should do! It’s liberating and I love it.
  10. I value the moments I have to myself – to meditate, to read, to enjoy the little things I like to do.
  11. I trust and listen to my intuition more than I ever have and it never steers me wrong.
  12. I have given up trying to figure out why and how things should be and stay more focused on why and where I want to go. I have a greater belief in that anything is possible and that the universe has a bigger plan for me than I can probably imagine. I’m finally open to creating the space for all those wonderful things to show up by just being me and living in the now.
  13. I know now that as every mountain has a valley and that day will follow night so to will I overcome the tough and unpleasant phases of life. They will pass and I will thrive through them! As a result I am more easily able to go with the flow of life and release more of my resistance to obstacles and challenges. I am no longer afraid to fail.
  14. I have an incredible appreciation of the “synchronicities” and “coincidences” of life, believing fully they are messages from above, taking care of and looking out for me. I cannot help but feel safe, cared and loved for especially in those moments.
  15. I’m definitely at that stage where I have a smaller, tighter circle of positive, like-minded friends who I spend time with; where I pay more attention to good news than bad and consciously seek positive experiences and avoid negative ones. Put simply – I’m aware of and focus more on what’s important to me, what matters and what will move me closer to who I want to be and experience in life.
  16. I appreciate how all the life experiences I’ve had give me a wider view of the world, providing multiple solutions to all of life’s issues.
  17. I ‘m much less concerned about what others think of me knowing that I am doing my absolute best to live from a place of integrity, kindness and love.
  18. I’ve got the confidence to not only follow my dreams and try new things but to do it on my terms and in ways that are authentic to who I am. I’m no longer trying to be like everyone else. I’m embracing what makes me different and finding my way in the world.
  19. With age that inner critic and voice in my head has finally met its match! I no longer believe all it has to say but I do acknowledge it for pushing me to be stronger and better! What a win this is for me as I become more and more connected to my higher self and fullest potential.
  20. And last but not least, I have a growing list of what things I still want to do and accomplish and that excites me no end!

As I celebrate this birthday I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to embrace all of this in the context of getting older and I hope you can too. I’m proud about what I’ve accomplished and who I’ve become and I hope you feel the same way about yourself. It’s all these things that make me celebrate how amazing getting older can be!

I’d love to hear what inspires you about being older…I know you have some wisdom to share so please do!

Until next week – embrace your inner truth, live your purpose and make your contribution in the world.

With gratitude and appreciation,

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