Help Your People Achieve Peak Performance

Are you looking for a speaker who can help your people to…

  • Break through their self-imposed “boxes”
  • Ditch the “don’t rock the boat” mantra and start making some serious waves
  • And get motivated to stop settling and start excelling, and achieve their highest performances ever

If this is the type of personal and professional growth you’re looking for in your organization, I can help.

I believe that speaking to your people shouldn’t just be about talk…it’s about the results they’re able to achieve…results that help your entire organization grow stronger, more productive, and more passionate than ever before.

By the time I’m done, your audience should be telling me that they’ve been inspired to and motivated to reach places inside of themselves that they’ve never touched before. That’s my standard.

Lauren Jawno

I mainly speak on 3 different topics

High Performance Success

High performance success

Stop Settling, Start Excelling!

High performance is about mastering not just your clarity and energy but also your level of courage, influence, productivity, persuasion, presence and purpose. I teach proven principles and strategies to better master your mind, body and ability – and achieve your highest performance levels ever. These are the exact strategies the world’s most accomplished and influential people use to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others and keep their passions and purpose clear and alive. The reality is that if you are not following these 6 principles then it is almost impossible to get ahead. IT’S TIME TO GET RID OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT SHORT CIRCUITS YOUR POWER! Get plugged into the ultimate high performance power source: YOU.

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High Performance Nutrition

High performance nutrition

Inner Change, Outer Results

High performance requires consistent high energy and stamina. Understanding how food affects both energy and mood is vital to inspiring better choices about how you fuel your body. When you nourish your body with the right foods, you simultaneously bolster your mind, body and spirit – which then affects mood, focus, energy – amplifying your potential for greater achievement and higher performance in all areas of your life. Unfortunately many people are mis-educated about the foods they need to eat – and/or are not self-loving about the food choices they make!

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High Performance Identity

High performance identity

Meet your inner leader

Tap into the foundation of high performance: clarity — with a new way of thinking about yourself, your performance, health and life by identifying your core personality profile. Zero in on your key strengths, joys, values and needs which in turn drive your habits, behaviors and communication.

When you’re tapped into your unique gifts and inner leader, you will be able to live at your highest performance levels. Become a “truth detective” and discover the true essence of who you are — and understand better how you can contribute to your life, your family, your business or company — and the world.

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Proven tools to help your team grow

The tools I’ll be teaching your team to use have proven extremely effective for a wide range of audiences – big and small – including corporations, universities and all kinds of organizations – any group interested in improving personal and professional performance.

Although each of these sessions centers in on different needs and offers different kinds of "inner power" tools, they all three share the same core common result: educating your people on how to consistently live their highest performance lives both personally and professionally – and inspiring them to follow through on all which they learn.

How my speaking leads to results for your organization

I don’t just "speak" – I openly share my own personal growth experiences, spiritual journey and major life challenges – thereby making me a natural confidant and role model to anyone seeking to successfully tackle major life challenges, and live a happier, fuller life.

By bridging the gap between academic knowledge, real-world experiences, and techniques that are proven to work, my teaching offers you the best of all possible worlds – you get the benefits of my education and professional credentials, along with a lifetime of lessons gleaned from my own personal challenges and triumphs.

Forget the huge, complex view of things – all of my stories and lessons are distilled into practical and usable nuggets of wisdom—for both the heart, and mind. As a result, your people will gain insights and tools they can take away start using TODAY.

Contact Lauren

I’m currently available to speak to network marketing teams, corporate organizations, academic institutions, associations or any groups that are motivated to provide the best support for their employees or members, and who understand the connection between personal well-being and performance—whether at work, in the community, or at home.

My sessions are always customized to fit the audience and its objectives and are also available as full/half-day workshops.

For more information or to schedule a speaking engagement, fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Please note that Lauren’s sessions are always customized to fit the audience and its objectives and are also available as full/half-day workshops.

Best time to connect

  • Lauren, thanks for sharing your knowledge of nutrition, health and fitness at our recent corporate personal development day. Your presentation was well thought out, and you were an engaging, articulate speaker. The real examples and scenarios that you shared were helpful to us as we tried to apply the information to our individual situations, and we appreciated the facts you used to back up the presentation. Thanks for letting us ask questions and share our own ideas and challenges. And thanks for sharing your story. Based on your session, several of us have now created an early morning walking club so that we’re getting 30-45 minutes of activity built into our day – every day!

    Kelly West, HR Manager, Thomson Reuters

  • Lauren, thanks again for a wonderful keynote presentation. You covered all the important material and your passion and sincerity shine through you. Good luck with this important work.

    Gilda Rovan, Nutritional Preceptorship Program Coordinator

  • Lauren is a highly determined, dynamic and affable person. She exhibits an insatiable desire for both her own personal development as well as educating herself on the most current research and information in aspects of her industry. Her dedication to health and wellness, her drive and passion in sharing this knowledge, her ability to connect with all types of people and her commitment to the field make her an outstanding speaker and educator.

    Elizabeth Papadopoulos, Director, Nutrition Studies, Institute of Holistic Nutrition

  • Lauren you were fantastic! You are so knowledgeable on your subject and captivated everyone with hints and information we didn’t know. We could have listened to her for hours! I think this was one of the best health and wellness presentations we’ve had this year and I would recommend you to any organization.

    Lynn Merritt, HR Administrator, ICYNENE

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! You were awesome yesterday. It was tough speaking right after lunch...but you approached it like a pro...thank you. I wouldn't hesitate to work with you again...your message was effective, simple and encouraging...I am hoping we continue to stay and work with each other again.

    David Cohen, The Technicolor Umbrella, Learning, e-learning, consulting, E-circles and radio

  • Lauren is a charismatic and energetic professional with the ability to create effective messages and training that supports the end result. Her positive approach allows her to create connections and form relationships with ease. A definite asset to any training or professional development program.

    David Scappaticci, Manager Distributor Relations & Business Development, Lifestyles Canada Corporation

  • Lauren is an amazing facilitator, her high energy and ability to engage is excellent. She received fantastic feedback from all the teams that went through her workshops and comes highly recommended.

    Hayley Vowls, Global HR Business Partner, British American Tobacco

  • Lauren, you have an incredible ability to captivate, and engage the audience from the first second to the last second. You’re genuineness and authenticity create a great place to have such inspiring conversation, and really that’s what your presentation feels like...a very engaging conversation. The material you cover is applicable to all, and left me feeling more knowledgeable and inspired to look at my life and goals. Thanks!

    Stephen Millman, Vice President, Sales, Juice Plus+ Canada

  • Lauren Jawno is a consummate professional with an outstanding natural ability to captivate an audience. I have worked with hundreds of trainers over the past twenty-five years, and I consider Lauren to be one of the best.

    Lee Wagman, President, Personality Resources International

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