If you are looking for a High Performance Coach to transform your life (both personally and professionally) then Lauren Jawno is the coach you want to call! Lauren has a proven track record of success and is recognized as one of the top High Performance Coaches in Canada. Her clients and results, speak for themselves!
Dr. Joy Macci, CEO, Joy of Sport

Lauren is AWESOME! Lauren is very passionate about her work. She strives daily to provide not only her clients, but all those around her, with EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. It is a true gift she has making people feel relaxed, connected and important. Whether you are working with her or just in a conversation, the energy and passion just flows and you truly know and feel, that to her… YOU MATTER! IF your life is out of harmony allow the experience and mastery of Lauren Jawno to help find that balance again, find YOU again, and help you to LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE filled with success, joy and GRATITUDE…

Bryan Kiser, World’s Greatest Connector and Front Man at Growth Coaching Systems Network

As a professional entrepreneur for over 20 years, I believe it’s my responsibility to advance my skillsets, better understand myself through my own unique ways. This is where Lauren comes into the picture. Her Executive Coaching program has allowed me to better crystallize what I enjoy most about my career, refocus myself and stay focused on the objectives while positively influencing my team so we all win. Thank you Lauren.

Glenn Fabello, B.A.Econ, CFP Senior Partner, Pelorus Financial Group

I had the pleasure of working with Lauren as a Coach.  After my first session, I was impressed by how she was able to dig deep into my professional career and personal lifestyle, review and discuss my challenges and provide practical and realistic advice in such a short period of time.  She also helped me recognize my strengths, highlighted my victories and opened my eyes to see what I thought were failures as a  true blessing in disguise! But what I found most impressive about Lauren’s program and her style of coaching is that she is truly a genuine person who loves and is passionate about what she does!  – Donna Foster-Laroque

Donna Foster-Laroque – Personal Training Specialist/Run and Powerwalking Coach/Nutrition Wellness Certified

Lauren is a well experienced and professionally trained high performance coach. She has worked with the best in the industry and is certified in cutting edge assessments including pioneering genetic testing to examine a client’s innate predetermined behavior and moods. If you desire to gain invaluable self awareness and insight, leverage your strengths to design a solid growth plan, then take the opportunity to work with the best, Lauren Jawno!

Greg Smith, COB of Compco Industries

Lauren Jawno is an excellent High Performance Coach. She has taken coaching to another level. The innovative techniques she uses are ground breaking and extremely effective. Having worked with Lauren directly I know first hand that her passion, authenticity and knowledge put her head and shoulders above many other coaches and leaders in the industry. I am grateful to have the privilege to know her and follow her work.

Clarence Caldwell, CEO, True Life Enterprises LLC.

When Lauren first told me about the StrengthscopeTM I had no idea how it was going to directly make an impact in my life. I decided to go through with the Strengthscope testing and I am completely blown away with how impactful this has been. There are so many things that I have been able to improve that I had no idea were holding me back! I am so thankful for Lauren and how well she was able to break down this entire assessment for me and help me make positive change in my life. I am excited for my wife to go through the testing and would suggest to anyone who is considering doing this testing not to wait another minute because of the impact it will have. Once again I am completely blown away! Thank You So Much Lauren!

Mitch Gandy, Partner, VShare IT Marketing, Inc

Lauren’s High Performance Coaching program is absolutely transformational. She helped me achieve the life and business breakthrough that I was seeking. Through her insightful guidance, I found the clarity, physiology and psychological mastery I needed to design, influence and accelerate my achievements beyond my revised goals! If you are ready to truly change your life, Lauren is the only coach you’ll need.

Sandra Stewart, C.C.S, High Road Planning

Energy and aliveness await you with Lauren Jawno’s coaching. She has an absolutely amazing background that she draws on to bring insights and breakthroughs to your life. She has touched me powerfully in our sessions and has moved me toward greatness. Bold transformation, amazing spirit and powerful insights. Thank you Lauren for your light.

Carl Loop, Breakthrough Leader at CarlLoop.com, Speaker, Coach, Consultant.

Change4Good is so simple – anyone can do this! Lauren has put together everything you need to succeed in a well written, well organized tool. Forget the gimmicks, the expensive diets and so-called miraculous weight loss drugs – they don’t work. I’ve tried many of them too. Change4Good works because it’s flexible and you can tailor it to your preferences. I’ve trained with Lauren for several years – applying these principles in my life has helped me manage a rigorous schedule, career transitions and bounce back quickly from two difficult pregnancies. Change4Good will help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Dr. Leah Watson, MD, FRCPC, Emergency Physician, University Health Network and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Lauren has told her authentic story, sharing her educational expertise and personal experiences to provide a practical fitness, nutrition, and ‘way of thinking’ road map for those who want to live a healthy, balanced life. Her 10 core principles are easy strategies that can help anyone avoid the pitfalls and overcome the barriers that so often disrupt the essential habits required for living well. Based on changes in attitude, behaviour and lifestyle, Lauren’s Change4Good program offers simple and flexible advice for anyone looking to control their weight and achieve long lasting success.

Dr. Scott D. Howitt, BA, MSC, DC, FRCCSS(C), FCCRS(C), Sports and Rehabilitation Specialist Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Director of Sports Performance Centres Ltd.

Lauren Jawno has been my personal trainer for the past seven years, and has trained my husband and two sons as well. In addition to training, she provides nutritional advice when needed and has also helped us through various running and other sports injuries. Her book is full of great advice for those not fortunate enough to have her as a trainer.

Karen Boehlert

I love your book! I love that you talk about yourself throughout the book. I feel like you totally relate to the reader since you have been there and been through the same things. I also love how real you are in the book. Awesome job! Great book! Highly recommend it!

Michelle Reichart

Canadian Marathon Champion, National Team Member, Top ranked Masters Runner “I think Change4Good is a terrific book filled with useful health information, helpful tools and practical tips sprinkled with stories and quotes. I am inspired to practice it and integrate it into my life. Thank you Lauren!

Lisa Ohata

To stay competitive over my 25 year career as one of Canada’s top track and field athletes, I have worked with many experts in sports nutrition and physiology. Lauren’s Change4Good principles have given me additional tools to not only keep my eating on track in my busy life as an athlete, a professional and a mother but to also help me identify where I can make changes to optimize my performance and success.

Tania Jones

This is quite simply the best book about food and nutrition that I’ve read. It takes you out of the mindset of quick fixes or denying yourself pleasure and puts you on track to understanding your relationship with food, grasping the concepts you need to make good food choices and live a healthier, happier life. Finally there’s someone who gets it.

From the Foreword by Mark Sutcliffe, Founder of iRun Magazine and the Author of Why I Run: The Remarkable Journey of the Ordinary Runner

Change4Good is a delight to read from cover to cover. It’s a balanced approach to health and fitness. Lauren provides structures to help people take control of their lives. She’s mobilized a lot of practical wisdom and made it fun to digest.

Jeffrey Stutz

This is an amazing book that I’ve recommended to all my friends and colleagues. It has helped me understand what kind of food my body needs and why. It’s the easiest and most comprehensive plan I’ve ever been on and I feel amazing. Thank you for changing my life!

Erin Dym, Associate Editor, Parents’ Canada

I have genuine respect for Lauren Jawno’s knowledge and many years of experience. In Change4Good Lauren has put together information that is simple, easy to implement and flexible. The extent of information is powerful yet easy to understand and relate to with the use of practical examples. If you are ready to get real about your health and life balance then you have found the ultimate solution in Change4Good by Lauren Jawno!

Vera Bond, BA in Kinesiology, ACE, NASM, Founder and Director of Inspired Energy International, Former Reebok Master Trainer

Finally, a book that maps out how each and every one of us can Change (our long-time unhealthy eating/exercising patterns) 4Good. This book is beautifully written, impressively practical and hits on all the key points that easily guide us toward lasting life-style change. This book is a gift to all of us who have struggled navigating our way through yo-yo diets and unrealistic exercise programs, only to find ourselves back where we started or worse! Change4Good shines a light on the heart of the matter and helps us to rebuild from a fresh and healthy foundation. It is rich in content, foundationally solid and most importantly, it is built around 10 realistic principles that will guide you toward permanent change.

Lorraine Gilks, B.Ed., CPCC, ACC, CH, NLP, Professor, Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion Graduate Program, Centennial College, Managing Partner, 3P Coaching

Congratulations on putting together a book that is just bursting with sound advice, easy to follow instructions and life skills that can benefit readers of all ages. I am blown away by your natural way of writing, honestly and insight into yourself and others, because I guess so many people have the same or similar stories. You have just bothered to dig deep, find your core problem and sort it out. Really motivational.

Sybil Binder

Joe gave me a copy of your book this morning and I just could not stop reading. It is an outstanding piece and will resonate with so many women in particular. I have not reached the program part yet but felt compelled to let you know how I admire your honesty and openness – it is enlightening and courageous. The sincerity with which you write will resonate with many readers. Congratulations on a first class non-fiction book.

Yvonne Gilinsky

Reading this book is like having a chat with a respected friend; introspective and supportive. Lauren’s Change4Good program is sensible and enjoyable! It follows 10 essential, yet basic common-sense principles which are practical and easy to learn. What I really respect is that not only does Lauren provide an understandable, holistic approach to nutrition but her emphasis on being mindful of who you are, discovering your motivations, and taking a personal inventory on where you are in life. Then, you have a choice: do you truly want to change or not? She is a living example of her program. As a physician, I admire Lauren’s Change4Good program, and am delighted that she has written a sound and realistic step-by-step guide for you. I hope you enjoy the program as much as I am.

Dr. Ivy Cheng, MD, FRCP, FACEM, dABEM, Dip of SM, DiMM, Emergency Physician and Sports Medicine Physician

This is a one of a kind book. Thank you so much for writing it for me and everyone that can benefit from this incredible piece of work. I have read so many books and this is the only one that talks about food, exercise, eating disorders and psychology all in one book. I love the scientific research information, your personal anecdotes and cartoons. Starting off by talking about goals teaches one to start at the beginning of the process and not jump to step 5 i.e. deciding on an eating plan which is why we fail again and again. By chapter two you had me writing my goals and on a reasonable and healthy plan and journey to health.


Enthralled by your book, cannot put it down, there is no ways I am giving it to anyone… It so good to read something so well put together and with a South African flavour, can relate to it so much! All the best!

David Keet

Lauren has accomplished in Change4Good what few nutritionists and/or personal trainers have: a portable, intelligent and compassionate guide to managing, not just your weight, but your overall wellness and lifestyle attitudes. That she has done so in a book that engages you at a personal level, unencumbered by calorie-counting, meal plans and hollow mantras, speaks volumes about the depth and breadth of her knowledge, and her passion toward truly helping others attain their wellness goals. This book is a must read for anyone looking for a refreshing alternative to the all-to-common sterile texts on weight and wellness management.

Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, B.Sc. (Hons.), PhD, President and Founder of Younique Genomics Inc., A consulting firm focused on Personalized Medicine and Diagnostics

After assessing my life from top to bottom Lauren recommended strategies that were practical and doable. She helped me develop an eating program including grocery lists and also some easy and quick recipes to suit my busy lifestyle as wife, mother, daughter and President of a large company. She also helped me with a very easy exercise program and effective stress management tools. Thanks to Lauren not only have I lost weight and continue to do so, but being healthy makes me feel better both physically and mentally.

Luisa Loffreda, President, Antalex Inc.

Lauren gets results! No fads, no extremes, just lifestyle habits that work and last!

Sheree Cerqua

I just wanted to let you know that Mathias is still on track and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you again for all your help, encouragements and advice. Your course was very inspiring and motivating and I’m so relieved that Mathias is doing so well. You really changed our life for better and I know it is going to last.

Sylvie Beaudet

Lauren your personalized approach and attention to detail, commitment and passion coupled with your integrity and honesty have proven to me, over and over that you genuinely care for my success. Thank you so much for “getting me” and helping “me get me”.

Jo Zappone

Lauren, I couldn’t have done it without you. I admire you so much, you inspired me to be the best that I can be and I’m really working on that. I always remember you saying that you need to talk to yourself to remind yourself about who you are, where your actions are taking you and why. Things are getting so much better.

Lisa Oppedisano

Lauren, thanks so much. We couldn’t be happier about Jessica’s success. I have never seen her as excited and positive as she was yesterday when she received the job offer she so wanted. You can certainly take much of the credit for this outcome as you helped her so much over the summer in understanding herself and bettering herself both mentally and physically.

Lilian Sermer

Lauren you have made a very happy and focused Colin. Boy, he is intense sometimes!! Your coaching and messages resonated strongly and he really felt you nailed his issues. You gave him concrete action items, which will help focus and allow him to measure success. Thank you so much!

Tania Jones, Canadian Marathon Champion, National Team Member, Top ranked Masters Runner

Lauren you are an inspiring, effective and committed Coach. Our sessions gave me great insight and the initiative to achieve my goals. As a coach, you are insightful, compassionate and intuitive. You really helped me achieve strategic focus, but most of all, you are an empathetic and energetic human being who genuinely wants to help and understand her clients.

Susan McRae

It is not often that one comes across a dedicated, intelligent and empathetic professional with such an enlightened and strategic approach to gaining a level of excellence in well-being and healthy living.

Tino Zentil, B.A., LL.B, Legal Counsel, D. Zentil Mechanical

When it comes to rock stars in wellness and life balance, Lauren would be a multiple Grammy winner and the leader of any band.

Kevin Goodman, CEO – Chief Entertainment Officer, Front Row Center Inc., Music and Entertainment Marketing

Lauren, thanks for sharing your knowledge of nutrition, health and fitness at our recent corporate personal development day. Your presentation was well thought out, and you were an engaging, articulate speaker. The real examples and scenarios that you shared were helpful to us as we tried to apply the information to our individual situations, and we appreciated the facts you used to back up the presentation. Thanks for letting us ask questions and share our own ideas and challenges. And thanks for sharing your story. Based on your session, several of us have now created an early morning walking club so that we’re getting 30-45 minutes of activity built into our day – every day!

Kelly West, HR Manager, Thomson Reuters

Lauren, thanks again for a wonderful keynote presentation. You covered all the important material and your passion and sincerity shine through you. Good luck with this important work.

Gilda Rovan, Nutritional Preceptorship Program Coordinator

Lauren is a highly determined, dynamic and affable person. She exhibits an insatiable desire for both her own personal development as well as educating herself on the most current research and information in aspects of her industry. Her dedication to health and wellness, her drive and passion in sharing this knowledge, her ability to connect with all types of people and her commitment to the field make her an outstanding speaker and educator.

Elizabeth Papadopoulos, Director, Nutrition Studies, Institute of Holistic Nutrition

Lauren you were fantastic! You are so knowledgeable on your subject and captivated everyone with hints and information we didn’t know. We could have listened to her for hours! I think this was one of the best health and wellness presentations we’ve had this year and I would recommend you to any organization.

Lynn Merritt, HR Administrator, ICYNENE

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You were awesome yesterday. It was tough speaking right after lunch…but you approached it like a pro…thank you. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with you again…your message was effective, simple and encouraging…I am hoping we continue to stay and work with each other again.

David Cohen, The Technicolor Umbrella, Learning, e-learning, consulting, E-circles and radio

Lauren is a charismatic and energetic professional with the ability to create effective messages and training that supports the end result. Her positive approach allows her to create connections and form relationships with ease. A definite asset to any training or professional development program.

David Scappaticci, Manager Distributor Relations & Business Development, Lifestyles Canada Corporation

Lauren is an amazing facilitator, her high energy and ability to engage is excellent. She received fantastic feedback from all the teams that went through her workshops and comes highly recommended.

Hayley Vowls, Global HR Business Partner, British American Tobacco

Lauren, you have an incredible ability to captivate, and engage the audience from the first second to the last second. You’re genuineness and authenticity create a great place to have such inspiring conversation, and really that’s what your presentation feels like…a very engaging conversation. The material you cover is applicable to all, and left me feeling more knowledgeable and inspired to look at my life and goals. Thanks!

Stephen Millman, Vice President, Sales, Juice Plus+ Canada

Lauren Jawno is a consummate professional with an outstanding natural ability to captivate an audience. I have worked with hundreds of trainers over the past twenty-five years, and I consider Lauren to be one of the best.

Lee Wagman, President, Personality Resources International