Wellness trends for 2015 – what’s it going to be?

Every year we see new waves of trends in almost every sector of the market – from finance, to technology, to health and wellness. Some last, some are very short-lived, some are intelligent, some not so much.

Here are 5 wellness trends that I personally believe will not only stand the test of time in 2015 but will also flourish and grow well into the future.

Trend #1: Choosing health over wealth

More and more people and companies will realize that working 50 or 60+ hours a week will not increase productivity, the bottom line or happiness. In fact the very opposite is true. Mental, emotional and physical health is the new achievement. More and more people will start working with coaches to help them find personalized and sustainable ways to work smarter, adopt more consistent scientifically proven health and lifestyle habits and ultimately achieve and live a more meaningful life. Companies will realize that giving people their time back will actually make them more money. Richard Branson has for example already taken it so far as to give Virgin employees’ unlimited vacations. More and more people want to live with purpose and enjoy more meaning and happiness in their lives – working 60+ hours a week in an unfulfilling way just won’t cut it anymore.

Trend #2: Embracing early morning routines

There is undeniable evidence that having a consistent morning practice that includes at least one but ideally all of the following is essential to our overall health, productivity and happiness – meditation, exercise and reading/learning as well as consciously planning out your day. Being a part of the early morning club whether alone or with others by way of group meditation classes, yoga or some other workout is going to be the most sought after club to belong to. Networking may itself take a turn in this direction. So what is your morning practice going to be?

Trend #3: Living in sync with your genes

Most of us and especially women, understand the benefit of reading a manual to assemble or figure how to use something new or to ask for directions when lost. When it comes to our health this is going to be no different. We are heading into an era where we can gain access to our personal manual, our instruction guide, our blueprint – via our Genetic Code. Finally we now have affordable access to this information that can specifically guide each individual into what their best plan of action is – from managing mood and dealing with stress, to types of exercise to do and fats to eat, to whether you should be vegan, Paleo or something in-between– we no longer need to succumb to a one size fits all approach and hope for the best. The time has come to go right to the source and live in harmony with your DNA. Are you ready to read YOUR manual?

Trend #4: Eating fresh with less

There will continue to be a significant movement towards clean eating for the sake of health and energy as opposed to just weight loss. More and more consumers will continue to move towards choosing real whole foods that are fresh, natural and locally grown. There will be more concern with the absence of ingredients as opposed to the addition of them. Things like artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, sweeteners and additives will become less and less tolerated, as will GMO foods. In addition it will not just be the taste of food that affects people’s choices but also the affect it’s availability to us has on the earth and environment as well as the people involved in the bringing that food to our table. Finally, it will more about health and sanity versus hype and quick fix.

Trend #5: Finding your favorite fitness mix

Those people who exercise regularly are mixing things up and are moving away from only participating in only one type of fitness activity. Just as health and not wealth is becoming a priority, fitness as a way of life and not just an activity with a means to an end is becoming a priority. And if fitness is going to be a way of life and you’re in it for the long haul then “just doing yoga” or “just running” or “just hitting the gym” is not going to cut it – not from a mental, physical or long term stand point. So if you haven’t yet found your favorite mix, start experimenting and give yourself the best chance of keeping active in the long term. What new exercise practice will you consistently include in your routine this year? For me it’s definitely yoga!

My question to you: Which trends are you already on board with, which will you take on and which will you stay committed to for the duration of 2015 and beyond?

Share what you will incorporate in 2015 that’s new for you in the comments section below. I’d love to hear about what you are up to!

Until next week – embrace your inner truth, live your purpose and make your contribution in the world.

With gratitude and appreciation,


One thought on “Wellness trends for 2015 – what’s it going to be?”

  1. Lauren I think you are right on. Each one of those trends makes total sense. Yes fortunately I do 4/5 of them 80% of the time. I especially like talkimg about trends 2 and 5 because people will feel the big picture whole life benefits! Nice work 🙂

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